About Francesco Costanzo

Francesco Costanzo is an Italian dancer and Choreographer of Sicilian origin born in Syracuse in the Art cities of Archimedes. He started his studies in classical and modern dance in the ballet company of the Golaska Dance Theatre with Enzo Adorno and Barbara Golaska – she was a guest teacher of classical dance at Mudra XXieme Siècle International Ballet Maurice Bejart in Brussels.


Francesco After a solid basis of studies as a young man he moved to Milan and go for a short period at the Teatro alla Scala, directed by men and follows naturally beautiful and surprisingly Racinskaya meets Etoile Roberto Bolle was young.


Over that short period at La scala and on the advice of his friend and dancer and Maitre Paolo Bortoluzzi moved to Paris where he began to study with world-class masters and perfects her studies of modern dance.


In this photo a young Francesco Costanzo during his choreography

Some of his former Maitre de Ballet: David Suterland, Paolo Podini, (csc.Milan), Paolo Bortoluzzi, Floris and Daniel Frank (Paris), teacher at the Paris Opera and many other International Choreographers Maitre.

Francesco Costanzo is the first young Italian Choreographer to be stated in the field of contemporary modern dance. To different’s 20 years created choreographies for dancers and Danseurs as Mia Molinari (Golden Clown Festival, presented by Pippo Baudo, in 1992) and other dancers with very modern ballet with music by Prince, Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury and U2.

It is one of the few versatile dancers in the world and studied and danced styles like: Bournonville, Balanchine, Merce Cunningham, Limon, Martha Graham, and more. He worked both as a Dancer, choreographer and lecturer in several international dance stage in Italy as AIDA (Academic Dance Teachers Association) and others in Europe.

He studied and taught many dance and pilates techniques. And was the first to teach in Milan in 1987, Boris Kniaseff method (floor bars) and other personal methods that has developed over the years.

Francesco Costanzo has worked in nature Artistic Director / Artistic Consultant with Marco Borelli former manager Roberto Bolle and many Etoile in the world.

He knew how Etoile: Margot Fonteyn, Rudolf Nureyev, Roberto Bolle and many others

Francesco Costanzo created many works dedicated to Vaslav Nijinsky and interpreted some of his ballets. Marco Borelli, his great friend and collaborator has always’ considered one of the finest experts in the world of dance, theater and art.

Currently Francesco Costanzo is responsible for Choreography, Stage Dance, Artistic Director Artistic Advisor, Cinema and events of Art and Ballet at high levels
And ‘the main testimonial of excellence GayArtists


recent photo of Francesco Costanzo




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